How do I know my resume will be distributed?

You will receive confirmation messages directly from many of the companies and recruiters. These responses will begin immediately, and will continue over a period of a few weeks.

When will my resume will be distributed?

Your resume will usually be distributed within 24 hours, depending how busy we are. Once we are finished we will email you a confirmation message.

I do not want my resume to be sent to my current employer. How is this handled?

If you do not want your resume to go to certain companies, please email us and tell us the email addresses to remove. For example, if you work at National Payday, you would request that be removed.

Does my resume get sent out with a number of other resumes?

No, each resume is distributed by itself.

Do you submit resumes along with a cover letter?

Yes, you can submit a resume and cover letter, or just a resume.

Can you submit in MS Word format or do you require text only format?

Employers and recruiters who subscribe to our service REQUIRE your resume to be sent in plain ascii text format, just like a regular email message, for two main reasons.

First, many employers and recruiters do not accept MS Word attachments because email attachments are one way computer viruses are spread on the Internet.

Second, many employers and recruiters do not use MS Word software so could not read your resume if it is sent that way.

After your credit card is approved, you will fill in a simple form where you will paste your resume and cover letter. We then distribute your resume and cover letter as a regular email message.

If I order ResumeSubmit! do you post my resume in your free resume bank too?

No. ResumeSubmit! and our free resume bank are completely separate. If you order ResumeSubmit! we distribute your resume to 9000 employers and recruiters, but we do NOT post your resume at our site in our free resume bank. You will need to do that yourself, so that you get a username and password.

Of course, if you only post your resume at our site in our free resume bank we do NOT distribute your resume to any employers or recruiters. You must order ResumeSubmit! and pay $69 in order for us to distribute your resume directly to 9000 employers and recruiters.

Is this service for job seekers in the computer field only?

No, definitely not! We have a wide variety of job seekers using our service. This service is a good place to find a wide variety of careers!

What are my payment options?

You can pay by credit card or checking account. If you do not have a credit card, please mail a check or money order to CareerXpress, Dept. 732, PO Box 34069, Seattle, WA 98124-1069. We will contact you as soon as we receive your payment.

Why isn't ResumeSubmit! free?

Some people ask why don't we charge the companies. Simply put, 3900 companies would not pay a fee because most companies do not use recruiters!