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CareerXpress distributes your resume to 3,900 leading employers!
This is an excellent way to promote your qualifications to today's leading employers. Most jobs aren't advertised anywhere so it is vital to email your resume to these companies.

CareerXpress distributes your resume to 5,500 professional recruiters!
Recruiters have contact with thousands of companies with specific jobs to fill. Distribution also includes hundreds of executive recruiters who focus on senior management positions.

CareerXpress will find 10 to 20 current job openings!
We find 10 to 20 current job openings that fit your specific requirements, such as education level, years of experience, special skills, desired location, and more!
Why use Resume-Submit?

  1. ResumeSubmit! is simply the most extensive resume distribution services on the Internet! No one else can distribute your resume directly to 3900 companies and 5500 recruiters.
  2. Most jobs are not advertised anywhere, including job banks, so it is vital to email your resume directly to these companies. If your resume matches any jobs, you'll hear from them!
  3. Most companies do not subscribe to expensive resumes banks, so it is vital to email your resume directly to these companies too.
  4. There are millions of resumes posted for free on the Internet, making it unlikely that employers will find your resume. It is far better if you contact the companies and recruiters directly.
  5. Our clients want choice. Some of our clients are contacted by upwards of a hundred companies and recruiters. You can then choose the highest paying job which is best for you.
  6. Most of our clients are far too busy to search for a new job. They gladly use our service, which costs less than a day's wage and takes about 3 minutes.
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